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(ITR) Volume 345 Part 5 (Issue dated 16-7-2012) : SUBJECT INDEX TO CASES REPORTED IN THIS PART

Volume 345 Part 5 (Issue dated 16-7-2012)
Business expenditure --Capital or revenue expenditure--Expenditure on renovation of business premises taken on lease--Deductible--Amount paid to lessor not deductible--Income-tax Act, 1961-- CIT v . Lucent Technologies Hindustan Ltd .
(Karn) . . . 407
----Loss on account of fluctuation in rate of foreign exchange--Loss whether deductible--Principles laid down by Supreme Court in Woodward Governor India P. Ltd. 312 ITR 254 applicable--Matter remanded--Income-tax Act, 1961-- CIT v. Lucent Technologies Hindustan Ltd . (Karn) . . . 407
Capital gains --Exemption--Scope of section 54F--Investment of net consideration in residential house--Sale of shares and payment of part of net consideration to developer for construction of residential house--Construction almost complete in three years--Assessee entitled to benefit of section 54F--Income-tax Act, 1961, s. 54F-- CIT v. Sambandam Udaykumar (Karn) . . . 389
Depreciation --Scope of section 32(1)(ii)--Meaning of intangible assets--Business or commercial rights not limited to categories enumerated--Commercial rights facilitating business and right to sell products--Assessee entitled to depreciation in respect of such intangible assets--Income-tax Act, 1961, s. 32(1)(ii)-- Areva T and D India Ltd. v. Deputy CIT (Delhi) . . . 421
Double taxation relief --Income from permanent establishment in man taxed under Oman law--Profits therefrom to be excluded--Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between India and Oman, art. 7-- CIT v . Essar Oil Ltd . (Bom) . . . 443
Foreign projects --Special deduction--Condition that receipts should be brought into India in foreign exchange--Part of receipts used to repay foreign currency loan and balance repatriated--Assessee entitled to deduction in respect of entire foreign currency earnings--Income-tax Act, 1961, s. 80HHB-- CIT v . Essar Oil Ltd . (Bom) . . . 443
Interpretation of taxing statutes --Principle of ejusdem generis-- Areva T and D India Ltd . v. Deputy CIT (Delhi) . . . 421
----Provision beneficial to assessee-- CIT v. Sambandam Udaykumar (Karn) . . . 389
Penalty --Concealment of income--Credit in accounts discovered to be untrue--Notice of reassessment--Return filed including amount representing credit--Admission of concealment--No burden on Revenue to prove concealment--Assessing Officer directing penalty proceedings in order of assessment--Sufficient to prove satisfaction of Assessing Officer--Levy of penalty--Valid--Income-tax Act, 1961, s. 271(1)(c)-- CIT v. Sangmeshwara Associates (Karn) . . . 396
Precedent --Effect of decision of Supreme Court in Woodward Governor India P. Ltd. 312 ITR 254-- CIT v . Lucent Technologies Hindustan Ltd. (Karn) . . . 407
Reassessment --Notice--Excess claim of depreciation on plant and machinery--Contentions and issues raised for reopening not examined--Matter remanded--Income-tax Act, 1961, ss. 147, 148-- CIT v . Jagson International Ltd . (Delhi) . . . 414
Revision --Commissioner--Special deduction--Industrial undertaking--Assessee having two units, one entitled to deduction and the other not--Revision on ground deduction wrongly granted on interest--Commissioner holding assessment erroneous for lack of enquiry into bifurcation of interest and remanding matter to Assessing Officer--Tribunal setting aside revision going into merits--Not proper--Matter remanded--Income-tax Act, 1961, s. 263-- CIT v . DLF Power Ltd . (Delhi) . . . 446
----Erroneous and prejudicial to Revenue--Exemption--Assessee making export out of two units, one exempt and the other not--Orders booked abroad executed by both units and purchased by common parties--Commission for booking orders abroad debited entirely in account of unit which was not exempt--Failure by Assessing Officer to inquire whether any part of commission attributable to orders placed on and exports made by exempt unit--Revision justified--Income-tax Act, 1961, ss. 10A, 263-- CIT v. Harsh J. Punjabi (Delhi) . . . 451
Wealth-tax --Valuation of asset--Land in excess of limit permitted by Urban Land Ceiling Act--To be valued taking restriction into account, not at market value--Land acquired in 1960--Department accepting direction for valuation for 1988-89 to 1991-92 on basis of compensation under Land Ceiling Act--Valuation for other years at market value without taking into account restriction--Not permissible--Wealth-tax Act, 1957, s. 7-- Aims Oxygen Pvt. Ltd . v . CWT [FB] (Guj) . . . 456

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