Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bundle of case law

IT : Where pursuant to an agreement a US company, which had a global central purchasing unit (CPU) in USA allowed access to use of CPU to assessee and assessee made payment to said non-resident company on account of link charges, since manner in which services were provided could not be easily ascertained matter was to be remanded to lower authorities for deciding as to whether payment amounted to `royalty' or `fees for technical services' in order to bring it to tax in India - [2011] 11 225 (Mum. - ITAT)

IT : By way of amendment made in section 43(5) with effect from 1-4-2006 legislature did not intend to take away brought forward losses of dealing in derivatives or make them ineligible for being set off against profits of same business in subsequent years - [2011] 231 (Mum. - ITAT)

IT : Assessing Officer after making enquiries has taken a permissible view on a issue while passing assessment order and if on same facts Commissioner has a different opinion, revisionary proceedings under section 263 cannot be initiated by him - [2011] 11 230 (Ahd. - ITAT)

IT : Where financial data of three comparable companies were not before Assessing Officer/TPO at time of making assessment and they were not examined on their merit, it was considered fit and proper to restore matter regarding determination of arm's length price of international transactions entered into by assessee with AE to the file of Assessing Officer/TPO for fresh adjudication - [2011] 232 (Delhi - ITAT)

IT : Mere making of a claim by assessee in its return based upon ruling of AAR which it had subsequently revised voluntary as per latter ruling of AAR would not amount to concealment of income on part of assessee warranting levy of penalty under section 271(1)(c) - [2011] 226 (Mum. - ITAT)

IT : Section 44BB would be applicable to a non-resident-company who entered into turnkey basis contracts with ONGC even though it had bifurcated contract price into two segments one relating to supply of services and other relating to supply of spares - [2011] 229 (Delhi - ITAT)

IT : Where no opportunity was provided to assessee by way of issuing show cause notice prior to making order under section 92CA(3), matter was to be remanded back to file of Assessing Officer to comply with provisions of law and provide adequate and meaningful opportunity of being heard on issues and then decide matter afresh in accordance with law - [2011] 11 228 (Delhi - ITAT)

IT : Where assessee-society advanced rupees five lakhs to one of its members allegedly for improvement and expansion of her building which accommodated school being run by assessee, but there was no evidence that amount had been utilized for purpose it had been lent, assessee was denied exemption under section 11 - [2011] 11 234 (Patna)

IT : Where Commissioner noticed vital flaws in order of assessment entirely attributable to extremely dishonest and defiant approach of assessee, he was justified in setting aside assessment order by invoking powers under section 263 - [2011] 11
237 (Patna)

IT : For initiating penalty proceedings under section 271(1)(c) recording of satisfaction about concealment of assessee's income is not necessary to be recorded in specific terms and words - [2011] 11 236 (Cal.)

IT : Income from sale of scrap generated in course of extraction of rubber latex from trees, which is purely an agricultural operation, cannot be brought to Central Income-tax by applying rule 7A of Income-tax Rules - [2011] 11 239 (Ker.)

IT : Grant of exemption to assessee-trust under section 11 would not effect assessee's right of claming depreciation - [2011] 242 (Punj. & Har.)

IT : Tax of non-resident recipient borne by Indian payer is nothing but deemed income of non-resident and same would not fall within definition of tax on income for disallowance under section 40(a)(ii) - [2011] 11 268 (Mum. - ITAT)

: Notional interest on interest free security cannot be taken as determinative factor to arrive at fair rent - [2011] 11 265 (Mum. - ITAT)

IT : Production of television and radio programmes for purpose of telecasting and broadcasting through assessee's own network or through network hired by it did not constitute advancement of any object of general public utility within meaning of section 2(15) - [2011] 11 240 (Ker.)

Vinodbhai Arvindbhai Patel Proprietor Shakti Construction Vs ITO (Dated: May 3, 2011)

Income tax – Sections 147, 148, 149, 150 – Whether when assessment is framed as per remand order of the Tribunal, re-assessment can be initiated even after completion of six years from the end of the assessment. - Assessee's appeal allowed: GUJARAT HIGH COURT;

2011-TIOL-369-ITAT-COCHIN + depreciation story

Dy.DIT, Ernakulam Vs Adi Sankara Trust (Dated: June 16, 2011)

Income Tax - Sections 11, 12A, 32(1) - Whether when assessee, a charitable body, has already claimed deduction for acquisition of capital assets as application of money, the further claim of depreciation on the same assets would amount to double benefits. - Revenue's appeal allowed : COCHIN ITAT;


The Tata Power Co Ltd Vs Addl.CIT, Mumbai (Dated: May 31, 2011)

Income Tax - Sections 54EC, 72, 74 - Whether when assessee has long-term capital gains, the stage of setting off of long-term capital loss comes only after grant of exemption u/s 54EC. - Revenue's appeal allowed: MUMBAI ITAT;


M/s Vodafone Essar Ltd Vs Addl.CIIT, Chandigarh (Dated: April 7, 2011)

Income Tax - Sections 14A, 40(a)(ia), 80IA, 115JB, 143(3), 144C(13), 194C, 195, 220(6), 226(3) - Whether when Sec 80IA benefits are debatable, the Tribunal is right in granting conditional stay of high-pitch demand raised - Whether, to do justice to the cause of Revenue, Tribunal is right in directing the assessee to pledge its investments in subsidiaries as security with the AO for the balance demand. - Case disposed of: CHANDIGARH ITAT;


M/s Rane Brake Lining Ltd Vs ITO, Chennai (Dated: April 21, 2011)

Income tax – Sections 14A, 80HHC, 80IB – Whether disallowance can be made u/s 14A for the interest on borrowed fund even if it is explained that the funds utilised for investments are not borrowed funds – Whether 90% of the rent recovered as sublet is to be excluded from the profit eligible for deduction u/s 80HHC while computing the deduction – Whether the deduction u/s 80HHC is to be allowed after reducing the deduction u/s 80IB. - Assessee's appeal partly allowed : CHENNAI ITAT;


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