Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HC (DEL) : Confession made during survey is not conclusive & can be retracted

Friends , when ever there is survey and you are recording the statement, please keep in a mind about the following judgment..
Take concrete evidence to support the statement.

CIT vs. Dhingra Metal Works (Delhi High Court)

A survey u/s 133A was conducted in the premises of the assessee during which certain discrepancies were found in stock & cash-in-hand. The assessee surrendered an amount of Rs. 99 lakhs and offered the same to tax. The offer included a sum of Rs. 45 lakhs on account of excess stock found during the survey. Subsequently, the assessee retracted the offer of Rs. 45 lakhs in respect of the stock on the ground that the discrepancy noticed during the survey had been reconciled. The AO rejected the retraction on the ground that it was an after-thought though the CIT (A) and Tribunal upheld the assessee's claim on the basis that the AO had not made any independent investigation and had made the addition on the addition solely on the basis of the survey statement. On appeal by the department, HELD dismissing the appeal:

(i) S. 133A does not mandate that any statement recorded under that section would have evidentiary value. It merely enables the authority to record the statement of any person which may be useful for, or relevant to, any proceeding under the Act. For a statement to have evidentiary value, the survey officer should have been authorised to administer oath and to record sworn statement as under s.132 (4). While s. 132(4) specifically authorizes an officer to examine a person on oath, s. 133A does not permit the same. Paul Mathews 263 ITR 101 (Ker) & Kader Khan 300 ITR 157 (Mad) followed;


(ii) In any event though an admission is extremely important piece of evidence, it is not conclusive and it is open to the person who has made the admission to show that it is incorrect.

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