Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Direct Tax Laws Sept 2011

Where assessees filed an application for restoration of a writ petition after a delay of more than 30 years without providing satisfactory explanation for said delay writ petition could not be restored - [2011] 13 taxmann 135 (Calcutta)

Having regard section 158BB(1) as amended with effect from 1-7-2002, addition made on basis of statement of manager of assessee-firm recorded prior to date of search, was to be upheld - [2011] 13 taxmann 134 (Madras)

Where in return of income, assessee had not declared any additional amount of income surrendered during course of survey and later agreed to pay income-tax thereon along with interest under section 234B, Assessing Officer was justified in levying penalty under section 271(1)(c) - [2011] 13 taxmann 133 (Punjab & Haryana)

Reassessment is not justified where AO just changes& his opinion regarding assessee's system of accounting appropriate, it was a case of mere change of opinion on basis of which reassessment could not be made - [2011] 13 taxmann 132 (Rajasthan)

Once assessee had explained source of investment in shares and debentures by stating that they belonged to some other person and his explanation had been accepted, then if further investigation was required in case of said other person, that aspect could not be considered while considering assessment of assessee - [2011] 13 taxmann 131 (Delhi)

Designated authority under provisions of Kar Vivad Samadhan Scheme has no power to condone delay in making payment of amount of tax as required under section 90(2) - [2011] 13 taxmann 130 (Madhya Pradesh)

Payment made outside India for services rendered outside India is not taxable in India and, consequently, no disallowance could be made invoking section 40(a)(i) - [2011] 13 taxmann 137 (Mumbai - Trib.)

To treat a person as an agent of non-resident, it is to be proved that such person has business connection with non-resident and from or through such a person, non-resident is in receipt of income, whether directly or indirectly - [2011] 13 taxmann 136 (Mumbai - Trib.)

Depletion claimed by assessee on account of reduction in value of capital expenditure incurred on account of exploration and development of oil and gas is to be treated as depreciation for purpose of computation of book profits under section 115JB - [2011] 13 taxmann 129 (Chennai - Trib.)

An order can be revised only if twin conditions of 'error in order' and, 'prejudice caused to revenue' co-exist - [2011] 13 taxmann 127 (Chennai - Trib.)

There could be a cold chain facility for storage only without involving transportation of agricultural produce; various attendant facilities provided along with storage complete cold chain facility insofar as storage is concerned - [2011] 13 taxmann 126 (Agra - Trib.)

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