Monday, June 20, 2011

Recent Case law

[2011] 11 333 (MUM. - ITAT)
IT : If appeal filed by assessee is only defective, it assumes validity on removal of such defect or irregularity; whereas payment of such tax is mandatory but requirement of paying such tax before filing appeal is only directory
[2011] 11 332 (MUM. - ITAT)
IT : Where assessee, owner of a trademark, entered into licence agreements with various Indian hotels in terms of which said hotels became licensees of assessee's trademark and, assessee, besides receiving licence fee, received marketing and reservation contribution from Indian hotels, in view of fact that said amount was received with a corresponding obligation to use it for agreed purposes, it could not be regarded as assessee's income and, moreover, since assessee did not have a PE in India, amount in question could also not be treated as business profits in terms of article 7 of Indo-US DTAA
[2011] 11 331 (MUM. - ITAT)
IT : In view of Explanation 1 inserted to section 90 by the Finance Act, 2001 with retrospective effect from 1-4-1962, tax rates prescribed in Finance Act are to be applied even if an assessee-company is covered by provisions of DTAA
[2011] 11 330 (MUM. - ITAT)
IT : Transfer pricing : Where assessee sought stay of demand of tax without showing any financial hardship, same could not be accepted
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