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ITR Highlights Volume 334 Part 1 Dated 30.05.2011


ISSUE DATED 30-5-2011
Volume 334 Part 1


--> Interest-tax : Supreme Court remanding matter to determine questions that arose, such as whether assessee "credit institution" and decide them : Motor and General Finance Ltd. v. CIT p. 33


--> AO not considering explanation of assessee that it was under bona fide belief that there was no liability to deduct taxes : Matter remanded : CIT v. Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. (Karn) p. 1

--> Machinery purchased and installed in earlier accounting year : Assessee not entitled to deduction u/ss. 80HH and 80-I : CIT v. Wipro Ltd. (Karn) p. 6

--> Period of limitation for filing loss return not applicable for carrying forward of unabsorbed depreciation : CIT v. Govind Nagar Sugar Ltd. (Delhi) p. 13

--> Addition on ground transaction not genuine : Receipt of commission shown by company in return and tax paid : Matter remanded : Pawan Kumar Jain v. CIT (Delhi) p. 23

--> Reassessment : Notice : Date of issue would be date on which notice was handed over for service to proper officer : Kanubhai M. Patel (HUF) v. Hiren Bhatt or his successors to office (Guj) p. 25

--> Order confirming auction sale not conclusive : Appeal to Commissioner maintainable : Vijay Kumar Ruia v. CIT (All) p. 38

--> Land acquired by succession from ex-Ruler of Indian State who acquired it under instrument of annexation : Cost of acquisition to be taken as market value as on 1-1-54 or 1-1-64, as the case may be : CIT v. Raja Malwinder Singh (P&H) [FB] p. 48

--> Provision for warranty liability : Actual expenditure more than provision : Deductible : Himalaya Machinery P. Ltd. v. Deputy CIT (Guj) p. 64

--> Failure by person responsible for paying income to deduct and pay tax at source : Assessee liable to pay tax directly but not liable to pay interest u/s. 234B : Director of Income-tax v. Maersk Co. Ltd. (Uttarakhand) [FB] p. 79

--> Assessee seeking revision for AY 1995-96 pursuant to orders in appeal for later years but withdrawing its appeals to Tribunal : Commissioner ought to have considered petition for condonation of delay liberally : Subuthi Finance Ltd. v. CIT (Mad) p. 90

--> Attachment of property : Entire shareholding of assessee in company attached : High Court directed to restrict attachment to a part of shareholding : Subuthi Finance Ltd. v. CIT (Mad) p. 90


--> Non-resident company transferring shares held in Indian company to foreign company : Capital gains not taxable : VNU International B. V., In re p. 56

--> Foreign company holding 74 per cent. of paid up capital of Indian company proposed to contribute voluntarily entire 74 per cent. shares to Singapore based company without consideration : No capital gains : Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., In re p. 69

--> From our Reporter at the Supreme Court :
Appellate Tribunal : No power of review p. 1
Block assessment : Limitation for issue of notice p. 1
Block assessment : Limitation for assessment : Date of last panchnama p. 1
Educational institution : Approval of institution p. 2
Educational institution : Prescribed authority to recall or review approval p. 2
Penalty : Concealment of income : Whether leviable whether there was a net loss p. 3
Revision : Erroneous and prejudicial to Revenue p. 3
Royalty : Payments for use of international communications network p. 3
 Rules :
Income-tax (Third Amendment) Rules, 2011 p. 6
C. B. D. T. Circulars :
Circular No. 3 of 2011, dated 13th May, 2011-Issuance of TDS Certificates in Form No. 16A downloaded from TIN website and option to authenticate the same by way of digital signature-Circular under section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 p. 4


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